The Korel Resourt Klinik and SPA Hotel is 13 km from Afyon. It is at the intersection point of Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya. The official opening of Korel Thermal Resort was in 2006.

The total number of rooms is 331,and the capacity is 1000 beds. There a 9 types of rooms available such as Standard, President suit (540 m2), King, Large, Junior, Corner, Roof, Connection, Disabled Rooms.
All rooms include central air conditioner, hair dryer, telephone, minibar, satellite broadcasted TV and safe deposit box. Wireless internet access serves in all rooms and throughout the facility.
In addition to total 2 open and 3 closed swimming pools, there are also 3 thermal pools and 8 thermal special family baths (Vip, Jacuzzi and Sauna) for spa cures. In SPA section, massage, mud baths, vegetable baths, skin cares, hairdresser, body cares, slimming cures are applied by specialist hands. Also their is a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center with doctors and nurses.

Medical patient treatments are maintained with thermal water which is a miracle of the nature. At the Physical Therapy Center, physical therapy, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy treatments are applied by the specialist teams. Isokinetic exercise system can diagnose and treat myasthenia by computer. Special Spinal Decompression traction device reduces the stresses on the nerves by making decomposition on backbones for herniated disc and cervical discal hernia. Our clinic is working under an agreement with SGK (SSK, Bağ-Kur, and Retirement Fund).

The enormous Health Complex consisting of SPA and CLINIC was settled on a total area of 4.000 m2. Facilities such as Animation Show all day and night, live music entertainment in yakut bar every evening, billiard, table tennis, bowling, internet cafe, fitness center, vitamin bar, pools, Ottoman coffee, Lobby bar, 5 oclock tea, Korel cinema, library and gambling rooms which are not available in thermal plants have been designed fort he quests to enjoy their time in the best manner

Korel Thermal Resort Clinic & SPA reflects the respect it has for men into the service for the purpose of being a unique hotel in the tourism sector with its extraordinary vision and innovative management concept by bringing in several innovations in its own sector.

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